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Rift Bot

Level or gather 24/7 with zero downtime using the most secure bots created. All of our transactions are handled securely by paypal. Once the purchase is made most of our orders are filled within a few hours but we guarantee that you will receive the files within 24 hours maximum.

Rift Bot

RIFT BOT - Please read the "Facts" section for detailed information.

We aren't new to bots. We have had bots very similar to the ones we have made available in Rift in nearly every major MMO in the past 5 years. During that time NOT ONE PERSON HAS BEEN BANNED USING OUR BOTS! You heard that right! I have been running similar bots from level 1 to level cap in World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Aion, Age of Conan, Champions Online, etc. & I have never been banned or even warned. Nobody that has purchased my bots in the past has ever once complained either so you have years of testing as proof that you have nothing to worry about with our bots.

Not only do we have the most affordable bot on the market we also know that our bot is 100% undetectable! Other bots (inject bots) actually tamper with your game files! Do NOT believe the other websites when they say that they are undetectable. You WILL lose your account! Trion will NEVER DETECT OUR BOT because it uses your in-game UI to simulate key strokes & mouse clicks on your keyboard & mouse. Trion will think you are a real human at your keyboard pressing keys & using your mouse.

Setup is easy and we help you with detailed instructions as well as access to video tutorials that help you get everything setup. Once you get started you can go to work or have a sleep and come back to see your character leveled up or with their bags full of gathered items. Don't wait any longer! Everyone else is botting to level cap or cleaning up on the auction house by selling gathered items while you cry about people botting.

If you can't beat them, JOIN THEM!

Rift Bot

Use our easy to follow instructions and gather while at work or sleeping!

  • Doesn't matter if it is Mining or Foraging! If it can be gathered from the ground our bot can do it!
  • So easy that a monkey can get it setup and started!
  • Fully secure & 100% undetectable! Go to bed and wake up with a bag full of gathered items!
  • Click here to see the Riftbot.com Gather bot in action!

Rift Bot

Simulates a real human playing in the Warfronts. 100% undetectable!

  • Will cast abilities, turn & run in the Warfronts!
  • Will queue & enter Warfronts by itself. Once a Warfront is complete it will queue again!
  • Fully secure & 100% undetectable! Go to bed and wake up higher level with soul points & favor to spend!
  • Click here to see the Riftbot.com Warfront bot in action!

Rift Bot

Purchase both the Gather bot & the Warfront bot in one package & save money!

  • Maximize your Rift experience by gathering while you are away!
  • Level multiple characters while you are sleeping or at work through Warfronts!
  • Get both bots & use either the Gather bot or Warfront bot when you feel like it!
  • Watch the videos linked to the left to see the bots in action!